Destiny 2 – Best Class for PvE

Choosing the Best Class for PvE in Destiny 2

When it comes to playing Destiny 2, choosing the right Class is essential for success in PvE content. While all Classes are viable, there are certain subclasses that stand out and are considered the best for PvE activities. In this article, we will explore the top choices for PvE gameplay and discuss the strengths of each Class.


For players looking to excel in PvE content, the Warlock Class is an obvious choice. The Solar subclass, specifically when using the Well of Radiance Super ability, is considered the best PvE subclass in the game. The Well of Radiance Super ability provides a 25% damage output buff to the team and offers a mobile, on-demand spot of invulnerability, making it an essential component for any Fireteam during DPS encounters.

In addition to its powerful Super ability, the Solar subclass also boasts strong neutral game abilities, such as Solar Grenades and the Rift Class ability, which provide versatility and survivability in PvE encounters. When it comes to Exotic armor options, the Solar Warlock has a variety of choices that can enhance its abilities, making it a well-rounded and effective option for PvE gameplay.


Titans also have their strengths in PvE survivability, with the Solar Titan subclass featuring the Hammer of Sol Super ability, which creates Sunspots to grant temporary healing and generates Orbs of Power for the Fireteam. Additionally, the Strand Titan subclass offers powerful neutral game abilities and a strong focus on survivability and utility in PvE encounters.

Void Titans are occasionally used in PvE for their Ward of Dawn protective Bubble ability, which can be beneficial for creating a safe space during encounters with many enemies.

Choosing the Right Class for You

When choosing the best Class for PvE in Destiny 2, players should consider their playstyle and preferences. Whether prioritizing survivability, damage output, or utility, each Class offers unique strengths that cater to different playstyles. By understanding the strengths and abilities of each Class, players can make an informed decision and excel in PvE content in Destiny 2.