My Time at Sandrock Review

Living in Sandrock seems like a dream come true. This town, with its welcoming residents and charming Western vibe, is the perfect setting for My Time at Sandrock, the sequel to My Time at Portia. As a follow-up to the post-apocalyptic RPG town sim, My Time at Sandrock offers a familiar yet exciting experience.

Building and improving the struggling town is the central focus of the game, much like its predecessor. The joy of learning to build an efficient workshop and taking on various requests kept the gameplay engaging throughout my 75 hours spent in Sandrock.

Resource gathering, an essential part of progression, involves diving into old world ruins, mining, and even facing occasional challenges from mutant lizards called Geeglers. The desert setting of Sandrock is brilliantly utilized in the gameplay, making every action feel connected to the town’s unique environment.

Maintaining Relationships and Exploring the Storylines

One of the most compelling aspects of My Time at Sandrock is the way relationships are woven into the story. The three main plotlines involving defending the town, reversing desertification, and hunting down a bandit are deeply engaging and kept me invested in the game’s narrative. It was exciting to see how the story unfolded and how each storyline contributed to the overall growth of Sandrock.

The combat system, while basic, provided enough thrill to keep things interesting, especially when facing unique enemies and bosses throughout the game. However, the lack of variety in weapons and the simplicity of dungeons were minor downsides to an otherwise enjoyable gaming experience.

Immersive Town Life and Vibrant Characters

One of the standout features of My Time at Sandrock is the lively and diverse cast of characters. With over 45 friendable characters and dynamic new townsfolk moving in as the story progresses, the town truly feels like a living, breathing community. The humorous and authentic portrayal of Western life, coupled with engaging character interactions, added depth and charm to the overall gameplay experience.

My Time at Sandrock has succeeded in delivering a cozy gaming experience set in a unique Western-themed town. Its ability to blend optimism with challenging gameplay elements makes it a standout title in the RPG town sim genre. With its immersive storytelling and vibrant characters, My Time at Sandrock offers a delightful gaming experience for fans of the genre.