Who Is Iso’s Voice Actor In Valorant?

With the release of Episode 7 Act 3, Riot Games have officially introduced their seventh duelist, Iso, into the current roster of agents in Valorant. Since his introduction, the duelist from China has created a lot of buzz, with many considering him to be a much-needed addition to the roster. Despite Riot explaining all the details about his special abilities and background before the update, many are still curious about the voice actor behind the agent.

Speculations are abound, with players considering the voice acting to be similar to that of an anime voice actor. Given that each agent in Valorant, including Iso, comes from a different origin, it’s important to know the voice actors behind your favorite agents. So if you’re wondering about Iso’s voice actor, then here’s the guide you should check out further.

Who is Voicing Iso in Valorant?

Image Source: Valorant on YouTube

As of now, Riot Games have yet to reveal the voice actor behind Iso in Valorant. The new duelist has certainly been a topic of discussion since its introduction, however, Riot has kept the voice actor a secret for a while now. Many players have speculated that the voice behind Iso resembles that of anime voice actors.

Given Riot’s preference for voice actors with the same ethnic background as their agents, it won’t be surprising to see if they decide to choose someone of Chinese descent. This can be further confirmed with their most recent choice of going with Nora Gjestvang, a Norwegian actor, for the voice of Deadlock, who hails from Norway in Valorant.

Not to mention, Iso has some of his voice lines written in Chinese in Valorant. However, players will have to wait for an official confirmation from the developers about the voice actor. Riot Games revealed Nora Gjestvang as the voice actor of Deadlock a couple of days after the Sentinel’s release. And one can expect them to reveal Iso’s voice actor on their official Valorant Twitter page.

Who is Iso in Valorant?

Iso, also known as Li Zhao Yu, is the newest duelist with radiant powers that you can now play in Valorant. Hailing from China, he is a fixer-for-hire who is also called the Deal Lilac because of his ambient powers. The duelist uses his powers to make himself invincible with bulletproof protection. Even after Iso’s proper release in Valorant, not much is known about his early life, adding a mystery to the character.

The new agent seems more laid back and relaxed than the other 6 duelists that you will come across. However, with his special abilities, one can be aggressive with their opponent in Valorant. Here are all of his special abilities including his ultimate:

  • Undercut (Q)
  • Double Tap (E)
  • Contingency (C)
  • Kill Contract (X)

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