Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III – How to Get Started in the New Zombies Mode

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This cooperative mode showcases an expansive open-world environment where you and your online team can engage in a variety of narrative-driven missions and challenges. In the latest iteration of Zombies, players will encounter both living adversaries in the form of Terminus Outcomes, a private military firm hired by Zakhaev, as well as the traditional undead foes. Confronting these threats will be a constant struggle as you progress towards your ultimate goal of reaching safety.

Your objective, amidst battling hordes of zombies and Zakhaev’s forces, is to explore the vast open world, fulfill Contracts to earn Essence, gather Acquisitions, and complete Missions to uncover the truth behind the EZ.

Equipping Your Team

Before embarking on your Modern Warfare Zombies journey, you must assemble a team of skilled Operators for your online Strike Team. Note: All Operators unlocked in Modern Warfare II and Modern Warfare III are available for use, with the newest additions, Ripper and Scorch, attainable by meeting specific objectives within the Zombies mode.