Call Of Duty: MW3 Zombies Tips To Get You Started

Modern Warfare 3: Zombies Mode Tips and Tricks

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, get ready for a new zombie-killing experience. The latest installment introduces a large-scale extraction mode, breaking away from the traditional round-based gameplay. Here are some tips to help you survive and thrive in this new Zombies mode.

Understand the New Mode

Before diving into the game, it’s crucial to grasp the differences in this year’s Zombies mode. Unlike the recent objective-style modes, this new mode is a high-risk trios mode in a PvE environment, offering players the choice to loot for high-value items and gear, and complete story-based Operation Deadbolt missions.

Safely Exfil to Keep Your Weapons and Gear

One of the main differences in Modern Warfare 3 is that losing in Zombies mode means losing everything in your inventory (except your insured weapon) if you fail to extract from the match. Pay close attention to the timer on your HUD to ensure a successful exfil. Matches are 45 minutes long, and if you don’t reach an exfil chopper in time, you’ll lose all your gear.

What You Can and Cannot Keep from Extraction

Operators have backpack slots, allowing players to extract weapons, equipment, perks, killstreaks, and other gear pieces to save to a chosen operator. However, do keep in mind that weapon rarity levels and Pack-a-Punch levels are lost in the extraction. It’s also important to note that points saved during the match will be lost, so spend them at Buy Stations before exfil.

Work the Outskirts of the Map

Explore the low-threat zone of the map to gear up before venturing into medium- and high-threat zones. The central high-threat zone contains deadly enemies, so it’s essential to have decent gear before entering.

Don’t Go Alone

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is a 24-player PvE match in trios. While you can choose to play without teammates, it’s highly recommended to team up to explore the map and tackle challenges together, especially in higher threat zones.

Complete Contracts

Contracts are a great way to earn points and gear up. Start with contracts in the low-threat level and work your way up to build up your cash and arsenal.

Gear Up

Spend time exploring and looting buildings to gear up with essentials such as better weapons and perks. Unlike traditional Zombies modes, there are no limitations on how many perks you can have.

Loot and Use Schematics

Blueprints known as schematics provide the ability to craft important items, such as ammo mods, Aether Tools, and even Wonder Weapons. Successfully exfil with a schematic to save it for permanent use.