Lego 2K Goal Listing Appears on PlayStation Store

The speculated Lego 2K Goal video game briefly appeared on the PlayStation Store before being swiftly removed.

The early listing revealed the game and its box art on the PlayStation Store website, only to be taken down shortly after. The game, published by Take-Two Interactive, was said to have 1-4 player support, although no further details were provided.

What’s the Buzz with Lego 2K Goal?

Information about the Lego 2K Goal first surfaced when the game’s listing was spotted by Gematsu. This supported a report by VGC from February 2022 in which the outlet claimed that 2K secured the Lego license for various sports games. These games are reportedly being developed by Take-Two Interactive’s Visual Concepts in partnership with the UK’s Sumo Digital.

According to VGC’s report, 2K’s Lego sports games include a racing game (which has since been released as Lego 2K Drive) and a soccer/football game, which the rating board has now confirmed as 2K Goal. Interestingly, VGC’s sources indicated that 2K Goal was initially planned to coincide with last year’s FIFA World Cup, followed by 2K Drive. However, internal delays led to the racing game’s release before 2K Goal.