Steam Deck OLED Review – IGN

Valve’s Steam Deck, a Linux-based handheld gaming PC, has received a major upgrade in its 2023 OLED model. While it won’t offer improved gaming performance, the new OLED screen, larger battery, and various other enhancements make for an improved user experience.

Improved Screen

The OLED screen boasts a 1000 nits peak brightness with wide color gamut, providing a vivid and immersive gaming experience. Additionally, the increased refresh rate of 90Hz and larger screen size further contribute to the enhanced visual quality. Notably, the Steam Deck OLED also offers better battery life, lasting 30-50% longer, making it an enticing choice for gamers on the go.

Enhanced Performance

Valve’s engineers have ensured that the thinner OLED panel and updated AMD APU allow for more efficient power usage and improved thermal management. These changes result in a cooler handheld with better battery life. The 2023 OLED model also supports Wi-Fi 6 and features dedicated Bluetooth connectivity, delivering faster downloads and improved overall performance.

Consistent Gaming Performance

While the Steam Deck OLED may not significantly enhance gaming performance, its various improvements make it a compelling option for gaming enthusiasts. Coupled with the existing comfort and convenience of the device’s design, the OLED model presents a worthwhile upgrade for both new users and existing Steam Deck owners alike.