Destiny 2 – What Is the Veil?

The Veil is a crucial aspect of the ongoing Destiny 2 storyline, deeply entrenched in the game’s lore and referenced throughout the Lightfall campaign.

In this article, we will delve into everything we currently know about the Veil. Please be aware that there may be spoilers for the Lightfall campaign. Let’s dive in!

What is the Veil in Destiny 2?

The Veil, being a central focus of the Lightfall Campaign, has been veiled in secrecy.

Even after encountering it in person during the final encounter with Calus, its true nature and capabilities remain largely unexplained.

Following the Collapse, Maya Sundaresh and her wife, Chioma Esi, ventured to Neptune and established the city of Neo Muna, where they encountered the Veil.

With the commencement of Season of the Deep, players were treated to a brief cutscene that shed light on the origin of the Traveler, the Veil, and The Witness, answering long-standing questions while also raising new ones.

This cutscene revealed that the Veil is a paracausal entity similar to the Traveler, often referred to in deeper lore as “The Winnower”.

Linked to the Traveler, also known as “The Gardener”, it may possess the ability to harness and manipulate the Traveler’s power, shaping reality itself.

The Witness seeks to bring the Veil and the Traveler together in order to manifest their vision of the Final Shape. When the Witness attempted to unite the Veil and the Traveler, the Traveler fled.

Much of our understanding of the Veil stems from the Veil Containment Logs, which are updated weekly within the game.

Players can visit Veil Containment on Neptune and interact with a computer that provides weekly updates from Chioma Esi, who monitors the Veil.

These logs explain that anyone who comes into contact with the Veil loses all sense of consciousness, making it extremely challenging to study.

Exos who venture too close to the Veil experience various hallucinogenic symptoms that can unravel their minds.

The Veil is the source of Darkness, a power that can be accessed through thought and consciousness. It is believed to be a web of consciousness that connects all beings together.

Those who explore this connection can invoke the powers of Strand and weave the web.

It is known that Strand can be utilized on planets far removed from the Veil, indicating that its influence and the web of consciousness extend well beyond Neptune.

Physically, the Veil resembles a tree, with roots spreading beneath a lush canopy. At its zenith, it boasts a cascading display of lights and images.

It lacks mass and weight, hovering in place. Despite being smaller than the Traveler, the Veil is still massive, necessitating the construction of an entire subterranean facility for observation.

Even after completing the Lightfall campaign, you can still visit the Veil by accessing the Veil Containment area on Neptune, located near the bottom left of the map.

We can expect to gain further insight into how the Veil operates with the impending Final Shape Expansion, which directly addresses the Witness’ scheme to utilize the Veil and manipulate reality.

This serves as a basic overview of the Veil and its role in the current narrative of Destiny 2.

Do you believe there are any key aspects about the Veil that I may have overlooked? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!