Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox Release “On Track” For December

It’s officially official. Baldur’s Gate 3 will launch on Xbox in December and the exact release date will be revealed at The Game Awards 2023 on December 7. The announcement was made by Larian Studios on Twitter with the developer’s CEO Swen Vincke expressing the studio’s goal of launching the game before winter hits.

The game released earlier this year on PC and PlayStation 5 after years of early access, but was delayed for Xbox due to technical issues with split-screen co-op on Xbox Series S consoles. However, after meeting with Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, Larian made a compromise to drop split-screen co-op for the Xbox release, with the possibility of adding it in the future. The Xbox version will include all updates and improvements made to the PC and PS5 versions and will support cross-save between Xbox and PC via Steam.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has been a success for Larian and the voice actors involved, with Neil Newborn winning Best Supporting Performer at the 2023 Golden Joystick Awards for his role as Astarion. The game is also nominated in eight award categories at The Game Awards 2023, including Best RPG and Game of The Year.

GameSpot’s review of Baldur’s Gate 3 praised the game for its characters, co-op, and the freedom it gives players to shape their own destinies.