How To Get Tokens Fast In Roblox Sakura Stand

Sakura Stand has undergone several changes since the Geto update, making it easier to obtain and use Red Tokens. These changes have introduced new ways to use the tokens, making it more accessible for beginners. Even though it may not be as easy as earning cash, it’s definitely not difficult. In fact, beginners can use some of the methods we listed here to get their hands on these tokens quickly.

At present, Red Tokens have multiple uses, and these uses are likely to increase as new items and systems are introduced. Even if the current rewards don’t interest you, it’s a good idea to start collecting them for future use. With that said, let’s jump into the different ways to get and use Red Tokens.

Ways to Obtain Red Tokens in Sakura Stand

Here are some of the best methods to obtain Red Tokens in this Roblox game:

  1. Daily Quests: Completing Daily Quests rewards 120 Tokens, making it the fastest way to earn the most Red Tokens in the game. These quests are relatively simple, such as dealing 1500 damage or parrying 25 times, and they also offer cash and EXP as rewards.
  2. Chests: Chests are scattered throughout the streets and will give you 5 Tokens each. You’ll need keys to open them, which can be obtained by opening cardboard boxes.
  3. Use Codes: Codes are frequently rolled out, and some of them offer Tokens as rewards.
  4. Win 1v1: Winning in a 1v1 match will earn you 25 Red Tokens. Similarly, winning in Ranked matches also earns you 25 Tokens.
  5. Fantastic Loot: The Fantastic Loot Box offers 5 Tokens, which are categorized as Red Loot.
  6. Exotic Loot: The Legendary Gold Loot offers 10 Red Tokens.
  7. Robux: Tokens can also be purchased using Robux, and sometimes, extra and bonus Tokens are included as well.

How to Use Red Tokens

Red Tokens have a variety of uses in the game:

  • One Roll in the Banner System costs 80 Tokens, while 10 Rolls require 800 Tokens.
  • To use the rolls, you’ll need to equip Standless in the game.
  • In addition to the Banner System, tokens can also be used to purchase death animations and spawn the Toji Boss.

That’s all you need to know about obtaining and using Red Tokens in Sakura Stand. With this knowledge, you should be well-equipped to start collecting and utilizing these tokens for your advantage in the game. And if you’ve already accumulated hundreds of Red Tokens and rolled to get SSR and SR rewards, consider exploring more about the game in our Roblox section to learn about how to get Geto.