New custom bracket structure available

Introducing Toornament’s New Custom Bracket Structure

Toornament is launching the new “Custom Bracket” structure today to give organizers even more freedom in creating their desired tournament format.

The custom bracket structure is available in beta and works for all your duel (1 vs 1 or team vs team) tournaments. It allows you to manually create brackets with custom participant progression, which would not be feasible with the many other formats available on Toornament.

Create Unique Brackets

For example, you can create brackets like the LFL or LPL playoffs, a triple-elimination bracket, a twin-headed gauntlet etc.

Defining the Custom Bracket Structure

A custom bracket structure is defined by a “schema” that you have to write, to create all of the matches and relations between them.

  • The opponent is placed in this match, and they are identified by the seed number
  • The opponent won a previous match, and they are identified by a “W” and the identifier of the match they won (i.e “W:A”)
  • The opponent lost a previous match, and they are identified by a “L” and the identifier of the match they lost (i.e “L:B”)

Simple Example

A = match identifier
[1,4] = participant seeds

full match syntax: A=[1,4]

Note that each match must be placed on a separate line.

The full stage configuration page with its custom bracket schema

Advanced Example


As you can see, you can name and organize the matches as you prefer, to make the schema easier to read and/or understand.

And here is the visual rendition of the 2023 LFL Summer Split Playoffs, with its results:

Try It Out

You can now test and play with this new format. Note that the “custom bracket” structure is still in “beta”, as we are still working no some of the edgier cases possible, and plan on improving the visual rendition of more complex bracket structures.