Video: Digital Foundry’s Technical Analysis Of Super Mario RPG On Switch

Analysis: Digital Foundry Debunks Myths Surrounding Super Mario RPG on Switch

We are on the brink of the release of Super Mario RPG on Switch and the digital analysis experts at Digital Foundry have swooped in with their take on what we can anticipate from the remake.

Performance Details

Digital Foundry’s analysis has revealed that Super Mario RPG on Switch consistently maintains a framerate of almost 60fps, with particular praise given to the video cutscenes, which are highlighted as “the best example of video playback on the entire system”. However, the analysis notes that there are occasional “extremely distracting” frame rate drops in certain sequences, which are theorized to be due to variable camera movement.

Visuals and Soundtrack

The analysis also unveils that the Switch delivers a full 720p native output in handheld mode and 1080p in docked mode, resulting in exceptional image quality. Additionally, the updated textures, lighting, and shadows are commended for their improved visual appeal. Digital Foundry also praises the new soundtrack, emphasizing the enhanced instrumentation and expanded original tracks by composer Yoko Shimomura.


Despite the occasional frame drop, the overall experience of Super Mario RPG on Switch seems to be a strong one. For a comprehensive analysis, you can view Digital Foundry’s video. If you’re interested in our review of the game, check out our link below.

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