Arizona Sunshine 2 Gameplay Showcase Reveals New Additions

Arizona Sunshine 2 PSVR 2 gameplay details

Vertigo Games has shared exciting new gameplay footage and details for the upcoming PSVR2 action-adventure FPS game, Arizona Sunshine 2, as part of its Gameplay Showcase event. The 15-minute video offers a sneak peek of the new campaign gameplay, cross-platform cooperative modes, and more.

A blog post provides additional detailed information about the content showcased in the video.

Cooperative Play

Arizona Sunshine 2 will introduce full cross-platform multiplayer functionality, a two-player cooperative campaign mode, an endless Horde mode for up to four players, and more, offering unparalleled cooperative play. Embracing freestyle cooperative play, the game builds upon the foundations of the original Arizona Sunshine and incorporates a wide range of VR interactions and mechanics.

Post-Launch Plans

Post-launch support for the game includes the release of three additional Horde mode maps within the first year. More information about these plans will be revealed at a later date.

Single-Player Campaign Showcase

Game director Peter Deurloo presented an exclusive single-player campaign playthrough during the showcase, featuring never-before-seen footage and fresh gameplay details. The new campaign will feature a standalone story by Rob Yescombe, new gameplay mechanics, and a trusty canine companion named Buddy.

Creators’ First-Hand Cooperative Adventures

The Gameplay Showcase also featured virtual reality creators experiencing Arizona Sunshine 2’s campaign cooperative mode while sharing their adventures with their new companion, Buddy, in long-form videos on their channels.

Special Interview with Lead Voice Actor Sky Soleil

Lead voice actor Sky Soleil joins the Gameplay Showcase to discuss his experience portraying the witty protagonist of Arizona Sunshine 2, providing insight into the importance of voice acting in the game’s storytelling.

Special Promotions

To celebrate the Gameplay Showcase, the Arizona Sunshine franchise is offering significant discounts on Steam, including up to 80% off on the original game and its downloadable content, as well as a pre-order discount on the Deluxe Edition of Arizona Sunshine 2.

Arizona Sunshine 2 is set to launch on PSVR2 on December 7, 2023.