Reminder: The King Of Fighters XIII: Global Match Is Now Available On Switch

SNK’s Launch of The King of Fighters XIII for Nintendo Switch

It’s another week of game releases and in case you missed it, SNK has also launched The King of Fighters XIII on Switch.

This title was first revealed in April, with the announcement it would include a “rollback netcode overhaul” to improve online functionality. SNK also previously confirmed a physical, deluxe and collector’s edition packed with all sorts of extra goodies.

Now, to promote the launch, a new trailer has been released. Here’s a bit about this newer version, courtesy of the Nintendo website. It will set you back $19.99 USD or your regional equivalent.

“KOF XIII, the final chapter in the Ash Saga—and one of the series’ most acclaimed entries—is back! This enhanced version comes with rollback netcode for exhilarating online play, as well as brand-new online lobbies that allow you to join/spectate matches with multiple players at once. Also features a packed roster of 36 playable characters, including NESTS Style Kyo, Classic Iori, and Mr. Karate! KOF’s greatest-ever 2D graphics come to life as you face off against players online and around the world!”

Image: SNK

Will you be checking out this returning fighter on the Switch this weekend? Tell us below.

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