How To Fix the Blank Textbox in Spirittea

The mystery of the blank textbox in Spirittea: A spirit puzzle guide

Have you ever encountered a mysterious blank textbox while playing Spirittea? Fear not, it’s not a bug but rather a puzzle that you can solve. Here’s a step-by-step guide to fixing the blank textbox in Spirittea.

The first time the textbox appears, you might feel perplexed and unsure of what to do. However, just keep playing the game, and eventually, the textbox will reappear. This time, Wonyan will comment on it, drawing your attention to its significance. By the third appearance of the textbox, you can use the A key to navigate to the window and highlight it, followed by pressing the E key to open it. To your surprise, you’ll discover something hidden in the text window. This is just one of the many quirks that make Spirittea such an intriguing game.

For now, this is all you can do. You’ll need to patiently wait until the textbox appears for the fourth time. Once it does, open the window again to find leftover curry noodles inside.

As you progress through this peculiar challenge, the fifth appearance of the textbox will present an opportunity to enter spirit vision. Activate this mode by pressing enter, and you’ll be able to capture the spirit that resides within the textbox. To your surprise, the spirit will demand more noodles.

Blank Text Box Spirit Found Spirittea
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Your next step is to visit the convenience store and purchase the spicy curry noodles for 30 Moolags. It won’t be long before the textbox reappears. Open the window once more and activate spirit vision, allowing the spirit to take the noodles from your bag.

Blank Text Box Spirit Reveal
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The revelation of a giant spirit named Onishi, contained within the small text box window, will leave you astounded. Just like the others, Onishi agrees to visit the bathhouse “after tending to burning bowels.” While unusual, you’ve managed to solve the puzzle of the blank textbox in Spirittea and gained another large spirit for the bathhouse.

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