Wonder Woman is “not being designed as a live service game”

Warner Bros Denies Claims That Wonder Woman Game Will Be a Live-Service Title

A recent job listing for Warner Bros. and developer Monolith Productions’ upcoming Wonder Woman game sought a ‘Lead Software Engineer, Gameplay’, with “live software product or game” experience listed as a “nice to have”. This led some to speculate that Warner Bros. might have been looking to incorporate live service elements in the upcoming title.

Monolith’s Wonder Woman game was announced back in December 2021.

Now, however, Warner Bros. is keen to dispel the rumour, confirming to IGN that the upcoming adventure game was “not being designed as a live service” game. “Wonder Woman is a single-player action-adventure game set in a dynamic open world,” the statement said. “This third person experience will allow players to become Diana of Themyscira and introduce an original story set in the DC Universe, while also featuring the Nemesis System. “Wonder Woman is not being designed as a live service.”

Monolith’s Wonder Woman was first announced almost two years ago now during 2021’s The Game Awards, where it was also described as a single-player open-world action game. Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav recently announced the company was focusing on transforming its biggest franchises into live service games, which may be why people were so quick to jump to conclusions here. For now, though, Warner seems emphatic – here’s hoping we’ll find out more soon.