Modern Warfare 3’s hated Gaia skin will be temporarily removed

Controversy Surrounding Modern Warfare 3’s Gaia Skin

Players of Modern Warfare 3 have been expressing their frustration with the Gaia skin, a carry-over from Modern Warfare 2, due to its extreme difficulty to see. The skin, designed for operator Nila “Nova” Brown, resembles a sinister version of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy with its intricate tree branch pattern that allows it to blend seamlessly into the game’s background. Even after a nerf in October, it remains a highly contentious item.

Sledgehammer Games Takes Action

The backlash from players has prompted Modern Warfare 3 developer Sledgehammer Games to address the issue. In response to the overwhelming feedback, the company has decided to remove the Gaia skin and its Blackcell Operator variant from the game until they can be reworked and improved. A developer from Sledgehammer Games confirmed this decision in a Reddit post, acknowledging the need for adjustments.

Future Changes to Gaia and Gaia Blackcell Operator Skins

In a Reddit AMA, Sledgehammer Games assured players that alterations to the Gaia and Gaia Blackcell Operator Skins are already in progress. These changes will be implemented in an upcoming game update, during which the affected items will be temporarily disabled until the improvements are made available to all players.

Purchase and Unlock Process

To obtain the Gaia skin, players had to purchase the sixth season battle pass and then reach the required level. While there was an option to expedite the process through a paid upgrade, the difficulty of unlocking this contentious skin has been a point of contention among fans. This issue carries over from its initial appearance in Modern Warfare 2, where similar complaints were raised.