Get bonus XP and Gold in Diablo 4!

Diablo 4: Mother’s Blessing Week for Bonus XP and Gold

If you’re in need of some extra experience points to level up your characters or if you need to collect a good chunk of gold, you’re in luck. The Diablo 4 Mother’s Blessing event is here to save the day.

While players are still enjoying the Season of the Blood and waiting for upcoming content such as Season 3 or the first yearly expansion Vessel of Hatred, Diablo 4 enthusiasts around the world will be happy to know that a new Mother’s Blessing event is starting November 20 at 10 am and will run until November 27 at 10 am.

This event is all about bonus experience points and gold. During the week, all Diablo 4 players will enjoy a 35% increase rate on both XP and gold. This bonus applies to both Seasonal and Eternal characters, making it the perfect opportunity to level up and earn some extra gold.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Additionally, the Mother’s Blessing bonus is cumulative, meaning that if you are using Elixirs to gain matching bonuses, these will add up to the Mother’s Blessing bonus. The Urn of Experience, an additive boost unlocked during the progression of the Battle Pass, will also increase the XP gained after defeating monsters. Despite this blessing coming from a character that is nothing divine and all infernal, it’s still a valuable bonus.

Use the bonus to rank up your World Tier, progress further into the game’s endgame content, and prepare your build for when the Abbatoir of Zir arrives in December. Keep that XP rolling in!

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