10 games like Vampire Survivors if you want to have pure, chaotic fun

Vampire Survivors Alternatives: 10 Games Guaranteed to Provide Chaotic Fun

Vampire Survivors became an overnight success and is so influential it started an entirely new genre of video games. Whether you call them ‘Survivor’s Likes’ or ‘Bullet Heavens, let me show you the 10 games like Vampire Survivors if you want to have pure, chaotic fun.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is in early access at the time of writing but is off to a promising start. The gameplay resembles Vampire Survivors but with Deep Rock Galactic’s iconic art style. Weapons you know and love from DRG are present, and meta progression is simple but rewarding. I love the injection of Deep Rock Galactic’s unique brand of humor and how parts of the original game are re-imagined for the genre. Mining plays an integral role in surviving against hordes of enemies and can be used to funnel enemies into areas or escape when the going gets tough.

Halls of Torment

Halls of Torment is an enigma on this list because screenshots look drab and don’t do it justice. The Diablo-style aesthetics perfectly match one of the darker entries on this list. The gameplay is similar to Vampire Survivors, although it is slower and more methodical. You’ll find yourself in many tense situations in the dungeons, and Halls of Torment doesn’t shy away from the odd cryptic puzzle either. Halls of Torment is one of the more challenging games I’ve played in the genre, but it’s beautifully presented and packed with content.

Holocure – Save The Fans

If you’re just branching out from Vampire Survivors and want an experience that feels new yet familiar, Holocure is right up your alley. The gameplay is your standard ‘bullet heaven’ affair, complete with hordes of enemies and powerful weapon combinations. Although the V-Tuber theme is lost on me, there’s an impressive amount of character variety, and it’s hard not to appreciate what’s on offer. There’s even a DDR-esque fishing mini-game because why not? Holocure is free on Steam with no hidden costs. If you’re unsure you’ll enjoy other games in the genre, this is the perfect title to try, as you won’t hurt your wallet in the process.

Soulstone Survivors

If you ask around for Vampire Survivors alternatives, Soulstone Survivors will likely be the one you see recommended the most. Soulstone Survivors is one of the prettiest games on this list, proving that you don’t need 2D graphics to fill the screen with enemies and bullets. Out of every title on this list, this is the one that will push low-end PCs, so keep an eye on those system requirements. Soulstone Survivors has an almost overwhelming amount of unlockables. If you enjoy the genre for the grind, you’ll fall in love with this title, but the reverse may be true if you don’t. Progression is slow, but once it clicks, you can easily spend 100 hours here.


Another game you’ll often see recommended in the genre is Brotato. This title does away with typical 30-minute runs in favor of short, wave-based rounds. In between rounds, you can buy items for your character, and this is where Brotato shines. Most items have positives and negatives; the key is finding a unique combination that works. If you’re into constructing builds and theory crafting, Brotato is perfect, and it’s no wonder it’s held an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ Steam rating since day one.

Army of Ruin

My personal favorite game on this list is Army of Ruin. Like Soulstone Survivors, Army of Ruin is absolutely gorgeous, with a great soundtrack to match. Gameplay is the standard affair, but characters have distinct playstyles, and there’s heaps of content to unlock. There’s also welcome attention to detail with locales that look and feel entirely different. This detail even rubs off on the enemies, with each one appropriate to the area they are from. Army of Ruin doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel but builds on what makes the genre addictive.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors

If you’re bored of the typical fantasy setting of other Survivor’s Like games and want to swap spells for bullets, Yet Another Zombie Survivors may be for you. You’re a survivor of a Zombie Apocalypse and must overcome the undead horde with conventional weapons like machine guns and grenades. You can also team up with other survivors and move around as a squad, which isn’t something I’ve seen done before. Yet Another Zombie Survivors has stylish graphics and offers simple but rewarding progression. While not as deep as games like Soulstone Survivors, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.

Death Must Die

Death Must Die is a stylish Survivor’s Like that takes more than a few subtle nods at Supergiant Game’s ever-popular Hades. Combat is what you expect from the genre, but the boss encounters and voice acting make the title memorable. Games of the genre are typically devoid of storytelling and unique characters. Death Must Die proves that doesn’t have to be the case. At the time of writing, the title is in early access, but what’s on offer is enjoyable. If Realm Archive continues to add content to the game, it has the potential to become something exceptional.

20 Minutes Till Dawn

20 Minutes Till Dawn is a sleek, stylish take on the genre with plenty to unlock and a familiar gameplay loop. I’m a sucker for the visuals, and the sound and music are a huge selling point for me. While 20 Minutes Till Dawn is pretty simple, combat is tense, and you’ll need to rely on mastery of the mechanics instead of broken builds. 20 Minutes Till Dawn isn’t as content-rich as some other titles on this list, but that’s not always bad. If you’re after a Survivors Like that respects your time and can be enjoyed in short bursts, you’ll find a lot to love with this one.

Rogue: Genesia

Rogue: Genesia sports a unique art style and introduces a map system almost identical to Slay the Spire. I’m a fan of the strange visuals, but things like the simple UI and rough edges may put you off if you’re after a polished experience. Combat is similar to Vampire Survivors, and the map mechanic adds a welcome sprinkle of strategy. Many of the Steam reviews praise the build diversity and the sheer amount of content, and I have to agree. There’s plenty to do, and the developers are proactive with updates. The early game is pretty slow, but there’s a free demo on Steam you can try before taking the plunge.