Best gifts for Spider-Man superfans

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for the Marvel enthusiast in your life, look no further than Spider-Man. The web-slinging superhero has captured the hearts of fans for generations, making him a beloved character for all ages. We’ve combed the internet to bring you the ultimate Spider-Man gift guide for fans of all ages.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Chances are, the Spider-Man fan in your life has already experienced the thrill of playing Spider-Man 2. If not, you can change their life with the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, available exclusively for PlayStation 5. This game has received unanimous praise from critics and fans, with many calling it the best superhero game of all time. For a generous gift, consider the limited edition Spider-Man PlayStation 5 console, or purchase the face plates and DualSense controller separately if they’re available.

Spider-Man Gunnar Glasses

For gamers, the Gunnar Glasses are a fantastic gift to prevent digital eye strain and headaches. The patented tint of these glasses makes them perfect for gamers of all ages, and there are various Spider-Man designs available in both children’s and adult’s sizes. You can even customize the glasses to a specific prescription and lens color, making them ideal for young Spider-Man fans who wear glasses for the first time.

Ukonic Spider-Man Lamp

The 16-inch Spider-Man lamp by Ukonic is a must-have for any Spider-Man fan’s desk. This USB-powered lamp features Spider-Man hanging from a streetlight and has received glowing 5-star reviews on Amazon for its quality and brightness.

Daily Bugle LEGO Set

The Daily Bugle Lego set (#76178) perfectly encapsulates everything Spidey in an amazing display piece. This set is considered one of the best Lego sets of all time and consists of 3772 pieces, making it the biggest Lego Marvel set to date. With 25 minifigures included, this set is full of comic references, Easter Eggs, and incredible details, making it the ultimate Spider-Man gift.

Spider-Man Funko Pops

There are countless Spider-Man and Marvel Funko Pops available, catering to fans of all aspects of the Spider-Man universe. Starting a Funko Pop collection for a loved one can be the gateway to much easier future gifting (or bankruptcy). These Pops make for a great display for any fan’s collection.

Spider-Man Web-Shooters

Budding Peter Parkers can build their own Web Shooter with various modules, including suction projectiles, “webs,” light discs, and more with the Spider-Man Build-and-Play Web-Shooters. For a more traditional version, ShopDisney has plastic web projectiles that shoot up to 10 feet. There are also Nanotech Web-Shooters at a higher price, which come with a display stand, light up, play sound effects, and project images onto the wall.

Remote Control Spider-Bot

ShopDisney’s Interactive Spider-Bot is a remote control toy with 360° movement, lights, sounds, and a light projector. These bots can battle each other and even “blast off” each other’s shields. Tactical Upgrades, available separately at ShopDisney and Disney resorts, can be equipped to change your bot’s looks, behaviors, and sounds.

Spider-Man Waffle Maker

Add some fun to breakfast with a Spider-Man Mini Waffle Maker. This waffle maker imprints Spidey’s mask onto waffles and is easy to clean up. It’s also compact in size, making it a great addition to any kitchen.

Huffy Spider-Man Battery Powered Motorcycle

The Spider-Man 6V Motorcycle by Huffy is a thrilling gift for young Spider-Man fans. This battery-powered motorcycle can travel up to 2 mph, features automatic headlights, and is suitable for outdoor play. It’s a stylish and fun way for kids to ride around and emulate their favorite superhero.