How Toornament helped Stryda organize the Valorant Nordic Clash

Discovering Valorant Nordic Clash with Stryda

Read about how Stryda, a Swedish company organized the Valorant Nordic Clash, a VCT Off Season official event, using the Toornament organizer software and website builder.

Tournament Stages

The Swedish company Stryda recently launched the Valorant Nordic Clash, a VCT Off Season official event with a $20,000 prize pool. The tournament, open to all nordic players of all skill levels, was held in two stages.


The first stage comprised two qualifiers, allowing players to join the competition and form teams at any time. Participants were separated into two groups based on skill level to ensure fairness and a fun experience for everyone.

Playoffs and Grand Final

The second stage included a playoffs and grand final, where top-performing teams from the two skill groups went head-to-head to claim the title of Nordic Champions.

The first qualifying stage took place on the Stryda gaming platform while Toornament organizer software managed the playoffs and the grand final.

Toornament Website Builder

Stryda utilized the Toornament website builder to create the tournament playoffs website, giving visual continuity between the two operation websites. The website builder allowed for easy updates and real-time result displays.

Website Features

  • Home page listing main elements of the operation
  • Playoffs and grand finals results in bracket form
  • Matches calendar section
  • Match sheet for detailed results
  • Match replays section
  • Mobile version

We thank Stryda for their trust in the Toornament solutions to help manage this major Valorant tournament.

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