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Potential Skins Choices for Worlds 2023

SKT T1 achieved a historic victory in the League of Legends Worlds Championship, securing the trophy after years of falling short. Their 3-0 sweep victory over WBG showcased T1’s exceptional coordination and macroplay. As the newly crowned world champions, each team member will have the opportunity to select one character to receive a skin bearing their group’s colors and logo.

All Existing T1 Championship Skins

With their latest triumph in 2023, SKT has now won the Worlds championship four times. This means that T1 already has three sets of champion skins in existence from their previous victories in Seasons 3, 5, and 6. Here is a list of all the current T1 skins:

Season 3 World Championship

  • Jax (Impact)
  • Lee Sin (Bengi)
  • Zed (Faker)
  • Vayne (Piglet)
  • Zyra (PoohManDu)

Season 5 World Championship

  • Renekton (Marin)
  • Elise (Bengi)
  • Ryze (Faker)
  • Azir (Easyhoon)
  • Kalista (Bang)
  • Alistar (Wolf)

Season 6 World Championship

  • Ekko (Duke)
  • Zac (Blank)
  • Olaf (Bengi)
  • Syndra (Faker)
  • Jhin (Bang)
  • Nami (Wolf)

Given the hype surrounding their win this season, the forthcoming set of SKT T1 skins in Worlds 2023 is expected to be highly popular.

All Other Championship Skins

Riot’s tradition of releasing skins based on the recent Worlds champions dates back to the inaugural championship tournament. There are a total of 12 sets of these cosmetics, including the three from SKT T1. Here are all the Worlds Championship skins for League of Legends:

Worlds 2011 Championship Skins

  • TPA Corki
  • TPA Jarvan IV
  • TPA Gragas
  • TPA Janna
  • TPA Karthus

Worlds 2012 Championship Skins

  • Fnatic Alistar
  • Fnatic Ezreal
  • Fnatic Jarvan IV
  • Fnatic Vayne
  • Fnatic Twitch

Worlds 2014 Championship Skins

  • SSW Nami
  • SSW Thresh
  • SSW Twitch
  • SSW Renekton
  • SSW Dr. Mundo


When Will We Know What the Worlds 2023 Champions Skin Are

The final selection for the Worlds 2023 Champions skins is expected to be made in the coming weeks. However, their actual release is likely to coincide with the following season. Until then, players have a few more days to catch up and grind their ranks on the current patch.