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The Disappointing Destiny 2 Starter Pack

The Destiny 2 community was initially thrilled when Bungie discreetly released a new “Destiny 2 Starter Pack” priced at only $15, offering what seemed like an easy entry into the complex MMO. However, excitement quickly turned to dismay as players realized the pack’s contents did little to enhance the gaming experience.

Underwhelming Pack Contents

Released alongside the Season of the Wish, the pack features three Exotics: Traveler’s Chosen, Ruinous Effigy, and Sleeper Simulant, plus cosmetic items like a Sparrow hoverbike, a space ship, and an Exotic Ghost shell. Additionally, it includes 125,000 Glimmer, 50 Enhancement Cores, five Enhancement Prisms, and one Ascendant Shard for gear upgrades.

Questionable Value

Yet, these items hold little value. The Exotics are easily obtainable through the Lost Lights monument, and their effectiveness in the game is questionable. Traveler’s Chosen falls short compared to other ability-refunding Exotics, Ruinous Effigy has been severely nerfed, and Sleeper Simulant requires a gameplay-earned catalyst to be effective.

Lack of Substantial Game Advantage

The inclusion of Glimmer, a readily purchasable in-game currency, and the enhancement materials, while somewhat beneficial, are seen as trivial. The single Ascendant Shard in the pack is insufficient for upgrading even one piece of Exotic armor, making it a poor investment for new players.

A Missed Opportunity

This pack, which offers minimal actual game advantage, is seen as a disappointing addition to a game already burdened by unnecessary microtransactions. It fails to provide new players with a substantial route to current content, leading to frustration within the Destiny 2 community. This development represents a missed opportunity for Bungie to genuinely support new players and improve the game’s accessibility.