The Boys Homelander In Show Vs Comics: Who Would Win?

Major spoilers ahead! If you’re not into spoilers, this guide is not for you. Consider checking back later.

The Boys’ Villain: Homelander Comparison

Anthony Starr’s portrayal of Homelander has redefined what it means to be a villain, adding complexity to the character. But how does the live-action version compare to the comic book version? Let’s take a look.

Homelander in Show vs Homelander in Comics

Homelander’s Evil Clone

In the comics, Homelander goes rogue and is confronted by his evil clone, Black Noir, who has been committing heinous crimes. The two engage in a deadly battle, resulting in Homelander’s demise. However, the show’s counterpart doesn’t face this challenge, relying only on his own wiles and unstable psyche.

Homelander’s Authority

In the TV series, Homelander operates under his own rules, without any outside authority, unlike his comic book counterpart who is controlled by the government and monitored by Vought.

Homelander’s Psychological Complexity

The show’s Homelander is depicted as deeply troubled, craving love and attention while instilling fear in others. In contrast, his comic counterpart is more naive and disturbed by the actions of his evil clone.

Homelander’s Willingness to Cause Destruction

The live-action Homelander is portrayed as a powerful and ruthless figure who is unafraid to unleash destruction. In the comics, however, he is constantly manipulated by others and lacks a clear vision for the future.

Homelander’s Strength and Intelligence

According to the TV show, Homelander is “stronger, smarter, and better,” able to act without external manipulation. This version knows how to attract followers and navigate the world with cunning, unlike his comic counterpart.

At the end of the day, the live-action version of Homelander seems to have an edge over his comic book counterpart in terms of strength, intelligence, and independence.