Surreal ‘Road-Lite’ Driving Survival Game Pacific Drive Gets February Launch Date

After a setback causing a delay until next year, Pacific Drive, the driving-focused roguelite survival game, has officially announced its arrival date as February 22.

The announcement was made during the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted. Pacific Drive immerses players in a first-person adventure set in a fantastical version of the Pacific Northwest. In the game, players navigate a station wagon through a forest teeming with supernatural dangers stemming from a botched government agency experiment. Take a look at the recent story trailer below.

As a run-based game, the environment changes with each journey into the forest. The only thing standing between players and certain death is their trusty vehicle, which can be repaired, reinforced, and customized using materials found throughout the eerie landscapes. To survive, players must ensure their car is in top condition to withstand threats such as the Zone Storm, a recurring destructive force that annihilates everything in its path, forcing players to outpace it in order to stay alive.

Pacific Drive will be accessible on PlayStation 5 and PC. For more in-depth information about the game, be sure to check out our extended preview of Pacific Drive.