Tekken 8 Steve Fox Trailer Previews Return of Fan-Favorite Boxer

On November 29, Bandai Namco unveiled the next character to appear in the highly anticipated Tekken 8. Steve Fox, the British boxer who first made his debut in Tekken 2 back in 2002, has been confirmed to return and fans were thrilled to get a glimpse of his latest iteration.

In the newly released trailer, Steve’s combat abilities are on full display as he goes head-to-head with familiar faces from the Tekken universe, such as King and Hwoarang. As a champion middleweight boxer, Steve relies on the power of his fists to dominate in battle, eschewing grapples, throws, and kicks. Despite his emphasis on raw punching power, his moveset is still filled with stylish and awe-inspiring techniques. His character design reflects a blend of punk influences with British gentleman aesthetics, adding to his unique appeal.

Check out Steve Fox’s reveal trailer:

Steve Fox’s return in Tekken 8

Steve’s backstory, as established in previous Tekken games, revolves around his origins in a Mishima Zaibatsu research facility. His quest to find his family leads him to the revelation that he was created from Nina Williams’ DNA by Mishima. The complicated family dynamics take a toll on Steve, especially when Nina, operating as an enforcer for G Corporation, rejects any form of motherhood, leaving Steve feeling disheartened.

Struggling to find a new purpose after losing sight of his original goal, Steve hits a low point, only to be lifted up by the support of longstanding characters like Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law, who extend an invitation to train in the mountains. However, Steve opts to forge his own path in Tekken 8, developing a completely fresh fighting style as he embarks on a new journey.

Steve’s reveal follows the recent introduction of Leo Kliesen, a returning character from Tekken 6, and the unveiling of a new fighter named Reina, showcasing the diverse roster that fans can look forward to in Tekken 8.