How to counter Shields in The Finals

Best Ways to Counter Mesh and Dome Shield in The Finals

An effective playstyle in The Finals involves using Heavy and utilizing the Mesh Shield and Dome Shield. Due to the widespread use of this strategy, countering Shields has become increasingly challenging. Here is your guide to effectively countering Shields in The Finals.

There’s only one way to counter Shields in The Finals, and that is with Glitch Grenades and Glitch Traps. While playing Heavy and using your own Dome and Mesh Shields along with a melee weapon or shotgun can act as a partial counter, Glitch Gadgets remain the most effective method for countering Shields.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The reason why Glitch Gadgets are the best counter to Shields is that they temporarily disable their targets’ usage of Gadgets and Specialization, disrupt their HUD, and break enemy Gadgets. This means that Glitch Grenades and Traps destroy deployed Dome Shields and temporarily block players from using their Mesh Shields.

Glitch Grenades are available to the Light class, and Glitch Traps are available to the Medium class. The Glitch Grenade is a preferred option, but the Glitch Trap is useful for preventing Heavys from using their Dome and Mesh Shields during a Cashout.

Playing as Light and strategically using the Glitch Grenade to outmaneuver Heavy players is a personal favorite of mine. You receive two Glitch Grenades, which is advantageous for ensuring you deal with the Shields or saving one for another encounter. The Glitch Trap is best used for defense — placing it directly on a Cashout will neutralize the Heavy trying to deploy their Dome Shield.

While the Glitch Grenade is effective in various situations, it is especially impactful against Shields. It may take some practice, but once you master the Glitch Grenade, you won’t need to be concerned about enemy Shields again. It’s important to remember that Glitch Grenades bounce off of Dome Shields, so aim to throw it at the feet of the Dome Shield to prevent accidental bouncing away from the target.

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