The Day Before Early Access Review

Editor’s Note: We sent a reviewer to try out The Day Before, only for the developer to shut down and the game to be removed from the shelves. Here’s what our reviewer had to say about it.

The Sad Story of The Day Before

The Day Before, a zombie survival shooter, was in development for five long years. However, upon its early access release, it failed to deliver on its promises. It was far from an MMO and didn’t live up to the expectations of a survival shooter. Our reviewer experienced severe performance issues during their short time with it and was left unimpressed. Here’s why.

The Gameplay Experience

The Day Before presents players with a basic story, set in a city resembling New York. However, the game falls short in terms of design and depth. Despite the potential shown in trailers, the actual gameplay lacks dynamic environments and engaging combat. The game feels empty, with little to offer in terms of zombie encounters, items, or landmarks. Our reviewer found the lack of UI elements, including voice chat and multiplayer menu, to be frustrating and limiting.

Frustrations and Disappointments

The absence of basic features, such as melee combat and open-world elements, added to the frustration. The Day Before failed to deliver on its promise of being an MMO or an open-world game, leaving players with a monotonous extraction shooter. The lack of progression and meaningful quests made the gameplay feel unrewarding. Issues with performance, bugs, and lackluster environments further added to the disappointment.

Overall, The Day Before failed to live up to the expectations set during its development, leaving players and our reviewer dissatisfied with the experience.