Solo Player Weapon Tier List

Monster Hunter Wilds Announcement Has Fans Hyped

Excitement is at an all-time high for the upcoming Monster Hunter Wilds game, which was revealed as a surprise during The Game Awards 2023. While details on Wilds are still scarce, many gamers are revisiting past Monster Hunter titles to sharpen their skills in anticipation of the new release. Even with the popularity of MH Rise, Monster Hunter World remains a bustling hub of activity for players.

Monster Hunter World: Best Weapons for Solo Play

Great Sword (S-Tier)

The Great Sword is a force to be reckoned with, boasting the highest per-hit damage in the entire game. This makes it a top choice for solo hunters taking on powerful monsters. The slow speed may take some getting used to, but the massive damage output and fantastic range make it a formidable weapon in the right hands.

Hammer (A-Tier)

For hunters who prefer close-quarters combat, the Hammer is a solid pick. With high base damage and the ability to stun enemies, it offers a satisfying and powerful playstyle. However, its low range and precise timing requirements may pose challenges for some players.

Long Sword (B-Tier)

The Long Sword strikes a balance between agility and damage, making it an appealing choice for newer Monster Hunter players. Its long range and spirit gauge mechanics provide a rewarding experience for those willing to master its combos and timing.

Insect Glaive (C-Tier)

Offering unique features such as aerial attacks and the ability to mount monsters, the Insect Glaive provides an unconventional playstyle. However, its limited damage and steep learning curve may deter some players from fully embracing its potential.

Sword and Shield (D-Tier)

While the Sword and Shield offers versatility and the ability to use items without sheathing, its low damage output places it at the bottom of the solo play ranking. Despite its appeal to beginners, experienced players may find it lacking in offensive capabilities.