Can you have multiple villages in LEGO Fortnite? Answered

If you’re enjoying playing LEGO Fortnite and working on expanding your first village, you might be wondering if it’s possible to have multiple villages in the game. This idea crossed my mind as I was growing my village in my survival world. If you’re interested in growing your empire, I’ll explain whether or not it’s possible to have more than one village.

LEGO Fortnite: Is it Possible to Have Multiple Villages?

If finding out whether or not it’s possible to have multiple villages in LEGO Fortnite has been on your mind, you’ll be glad to know that it is actually possible. It was quite surprising to me when I first found out, as I initially thought that one village would be the limit. However, due to the vast size of a LEGO Fortnite world, it makes sense that players are able to create more than one village.

There isn’t even a limit to how many villages you can create; you can have as many villages as you’d like. The only requirement is that you place the Village Square far enough away from another village. This allows you to have a village or two in each biome, providing you with variety instead of constantly being stuck in one biome at a time.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

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However, despite the ability to have unlimited villages, it is reported that you can only harbor 15 villagers. According to a Reddit post, someone expressed disappointment in the fact that players can only have 15 villagers across all their villages, which only allows for fully populating two villages.

As LEGO Fortnite is continually receiving updates and is still a new mode, it is hoped that new villagers will arrive in the future. But for now, players will only be able to create two full villages and perhaps a few others solely for having bases in each biome.

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