Where to find all Winterlights chest locations in Palia

For the holiday season, Palia is hosting a Winterlights event where players can search for hidden chest locations throughout the map. Below, you’ll find all the locations revealed so you can find and collect them all.

Palia: How to find all Winterlights chests

In total, there are up to seven Winterlights chests scattered across Kilima Valley. While Zeki provides some hints, we’ll outline the exact locations of all the green Winterlights chests with red bows in Palia.

Image: PC Invasion

1. One is having a barrel of laughs at the inn

Head to Ormuu’s Horn Inn and walk up to the second floor. On the left side, you’ll see a window that leads to the roof. Walk out onto the roof, then jump on the barrel with the chest.

2. Two is milling about in the wind near my house

Walk north to Zeki’s house just outside of the village. You’ll find the chest underneath a large windmill on the grass.

3. Three is under a bridge near a watery ridge

West of the second chest is a bridge that goes over a river. Head there and look under the bridge for this chest.

4. Four is a-watching the Ormuu clip-clopping

Not too far away, southwest of number three, is this next chest. At Leafhopper Hills you’ll find a gazebo by the barn with the chest.

5. Five is watching the boathouse from a cliff up high

Walk south from the last one and head up to the top of the cliff. At the southern-most edge is where this chest is hiding.

6. Six is teetering close to a watery swim

Continue south until you reach the coastline. This chest is at the end of the dock by Remembrance Garden.

7. Seven is in a big pile – find it and win!

The final chest is inside another gazebo back in Kilima Village. It’s the gazebo southeast of the Town Hall, and you can’t miss it as it’s piled on top of snow by a Christmas tree.

With those Palia chests now discovered, we can let you know how to get and use Lucky Coins in Palia as well.