All Version 47 update patch notes for Lethal Company

All Version 47 patch notes, fixes, and updates for Lethal Company

The survival-horror co-op game Lethal Company is finishing off 2023 with an update. The Version 47 update is primarily a bug fix but also includes some bonus features, as announced on December 20, 2023, on their official Discord, “The Dark Place Travelers.” The full patch notes are outlined below:

Version 47 has been released, which is mostly a bug fix patch but also includes the new weekly challenge moons feature + tags for lobbies, making them visible only if you enter the tag on the server list. This update is being released on the “public_beta” branch on Steam first to allow for testing. (If this branch isn’t visible try restarting Steam)

Zeekerss, Developer of Lethal Company

This update does not bring fundamental changes to the game, but it’s still worth checking out. Here’s how you can update to Version 47:

How to update to Version 47 in Lethal Company

  • Right-click the game from your library
  • Go to ‘Properties’
  • Hit ‘Betas’
  • Under the Beta Participation drop-down menu, select ‘public_beta – For testing new versions’
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you’ve updated the game, you should see ‘v47’ on the bottom-left of the screen upon launching it.

What are the bug fixes for Lethal Company?

There haven’t been specifics given on the bug fixes for the game, but there have been no reports of the ‘An Error Occurred’ issue lately. This update mainly enhances the game’s performance and stability, maintaining its already steady performance.

Lethal Company Update 47 Patch Notes Tags And Challenges
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The update introduces a new feature allowing hosts to add tags to their lobbies, making them visible only to those who enter the specific tag on the server list. Additionally, hosts can enable Weekly Challenge Moons, providing a new incentive for players to come back for fresh content.

What are Challenge Moons in Lethal Company?

Weekly Challenge Moons are a novel feature that allows for the creation of a moon with the same scrap distribution for all players who join. This feature gives players an opportunity to compete on leaderboards and adds a new layer of excitement to the game. Server hosts can set up Challenge Moons by selecting the ‘Host’ option and enabling this feature under the Save File menu.