How Swing works in Geometry Dash

Introducing Swing: A New Vehicle in Geometry Dash

In the latest update of Geometry Dash, players were introduced to a new vehicle called Swing. This unexpected addition in the new level, Dash, has left many players trying to figure out how to navigate it. Here’s everything you need to know about Swing.

How does Swing work in Geometry Dash?

Swing made its debut in the latest level, Dash, and operates as a fusion between the Ship and the Wave in terms of its behavior and control. As you take control of Swing, you’ll notice that it starts to arc upwards and then, upon “jumping”, it’ll start to arc downwards. Timing your taps is crucial in order to maneuver Swing past obstacles.

Similar to the wave, Swing will travel in one direction until you interact with it, but like the Ship, there’s a delay in changing direction, meaning you’ll have to time your taps ahead of time to ensure a smooth shift.

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It’s important to note that Swing will change its direction upon hitting a ceiling or floor, unlike the Ship or UFO, which allows for smoother navigation across surfaces.

Getting the hang of the Swing in Geometry Dash

If you’re looking to familiarize yourself with the operation of Swing, it’s recommended to play the Dash level or any user-created levels featuring the Swing in practice mode. This will help you get used to its arcs and reaction time, making it easier to navigate in future levels.

Despite the initial learning curve, once you understand how Swing works, it becomes relatively easy to control. In the Dash level, it doesn’t present much of a challenge, but it’s likely that future levels will implement Swing in a more difficult manner as the game continues to evolve and challenge players.

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