Our personal top-five games of 2023


You’ve likely already seen Eurogamer’s top 50 games of 2023, but we wanted to give our personal takes on the games we really enjoyed this year. We’ve compiled top fives from various Eurogamer contributors over the next four days, each providing unique insight into their favorite games of the year.

First up is Lottie, who highlights her top picks:



Birth. | Image credit: Madison Karrh.

In ‘Birth,’ Lottie finds a beautifully comforting game that explores loneliness, companionship, and kindness. She speaks of the subtle horror and surreal nature of the game, as well as the symbolic interpretations of loneliness and the effort to rebuild connections.

A Space for the Unbound

A Space for the Unbound review - Atma and Reya sit next to each other in the movie theatre and awkwardly touch hands
A Space for the Unbound. | Image credit: Mojiken

‘A Space for The Unbound’ presents a heartfelt and sympathetic exploration of depression and anxiety, according to Lottie. She highlights the game’s depth, storytelling, and thoughtful portrayal of the human heart.

Little Goody Two Shoes

A screenshot from Little Goody Two Shows. It's a dialogue box plus character art moment, and the character art in question is of an anime girl called Elise, who is pretty with big eyes, and wears ornately frilly dresses.
Little Goody Two Shoes. | Image credit: AstralShift

For ‘Little Goody Two Shoes,’ Lottie discusses its unique blend of pixel graphics and anime art style, as well as its elements of horror and character development. She emphasizes the game’s survival and time management mechanics and their impact on gameplay and decision-making.

Coffee Talk 2

Coffee Talk 2 review - screenshot showing a cop talking to an awkward goat-person in an orange hoodie
Coffee Talk 2.

Coffee Talk 2,’ according to Lottie, delivers an immersive experience and a fresh take on the original game. She highlights the game’s item-based mechanic and its impact on storytelling and overall gameplay. Lottie expresses her enjoyment of revisiting the world of ‘Coffee Talk’ and the joy of reconnecting with familiar characters while exploring new content.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Farmer in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life with two puppies
Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Lastly, Lottie reflects on ‘Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life,’ praising the game’s improvements, depth, and preservation of the original’s atmospheric charm. She expresses how the game captures the essence of life’s journey and the emotional weight of the stories within the game world.