Death Stranding 2 Development Update Given by Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding 2 Development Update – January 1, 2024

Hideo Kojima has shared a glimpse into the progress of Death Stranding 2 as part of his New Year’s message, indicating that eager fans may need to wait a little longer to see more of the game and receive a release date. The latest update suggests that there is still some voice over work pending.

Kojima revealed that the development team is in the final stages of wrapping up Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADL) work for Death Stranding 2. Following this, they will commence recording Japanese voice overs. However, Kojima emphasized the challenges of limiting his travel due to his involvement in multiple projects, including the Death Stranding movie.

“I want to concentrate on creating games, so I would like to limit my business trips, but I can’t do nothing because I have to shoot for OD [Xbox game Overdose], collaborate with Avengers, make DS [Death Stranding] into a movie, and work on other video projects,” Kojima tweeted. “In addition to production, I am also planning to add another writing series, not only for anan [magazine] but also for other projects. We are also planning to run a special program on ‘HideTube,’ which we have been neglecting, as a trial.”

Kojima also expressed his desire to revive “Hide Radio.”