All working glitches in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Modern Warfare Zombies: The Glitch Guide

Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) is filled with glitches that can actually enhance the gaming experience. We’ve gathered some of the best working glitches in MWZ for you to enjoy while they are still active.

Tombstone Duplication Aether Portal Glitch in MWZ

One of the most useful glitches in Modern Warfare Zombies allows you to duplicate all your items and money. Multiple methods exist, but one of the easiest ones involves dying with Tombstone equipped and then getting revived by a teammate. After that, enter the Aether Portal in Zone 3 and follow the path to find your Tombstone with all your items and money.

Unlimited XP Farm Glitch in MWZ

If you want to attain weapon camos and earn a significant amount of XP, this glitch is for you. Make sure your weapons are at a high enough level to handle zombies in Zone 3, and bring a Dog Bone to summon a friendly Hellhound for an AFK XP farm. Then, follow specific steps in the courtyard with the excavator to start farming XP and earning XP camo.

God Mode Glitch in MWZ

A glitch known as “God Mode” can make you invincible in MWZ. To activate it, you need to call in a Juggernaut and perform a series of actions that result in making you invulnerable to melee damage.

Unlimited Aether Blade Glitch in MWZ

With this glitch, you can obtain an infinite amount of Aether Blades, allowing your entire party to use them. By following specific steps involving the Refill Ammo drop, you can acquire an unlimited supply of Aether Knives.

Super Speed Glitch in MWZ

Equipping an akimbo weapon and utilizing a Redeploy Drone on the map can allow you to run extremely fast, covering the large map of Urzikstan more quickly. By following a specific set of steps, you can experience a glitch that allows you to travel the map at a heightened speed.

All of these glitches can enhance your MWZ experience, but they won’t help you obtain the Golden Armor Plate Schematic. Some things you just have to earn the hard way.