Splatoon 3 ‘Side Order’ DLC Inks Its Way Onto Switch Next Month

Out of nowhere, Nintendo has dropped a bombshell announcement that Splatoon 3 ‘Side Order’ DLC will be arriving on February 22nd.

This expansion has been highly anticipated after being first revealed in last year’s February Direct, and many fans were expecting a spring 2024 release. However, the surprise announcement has thrilled many gamers who are eager to get their hands on the new content even sooner.

The ‘Side Order’ game mode will feature a new single-player campaign where you, as Agent 8, must navigate the ‘Spire of Order’ to unlock various upgrades and overcome challenges. Nintendo describes it as an experience designed to be replayed over and over, indicating a roguelike game loop and increasing the game’s replay value.

The announcement trailer did not reveal a lot of actual gameplay from the DLC, so those wanting a refresher on what to expect can view the September trailer on our site.

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