PS5 Players Ask Sony to Block Xim After Cronus Zen

PS5 System Update Blocks Cronus Zen, Players Demand Xim Devices Also Be Targeted

After the recent PS5 system update successfully blocked Cronus Zen devices, players are now calling for similar action to be taken against Xim devices. Both Cronus and Xim are popular tools used by cheaters to gain an unfair advantage in multiplayer shooters by using a mouse and keyboard on console.

Is Sony Intentionally Targeting Devices Like Cronus Zen and Xim with New Updates?

Many players have taken to social media and gaming forums to express their approval of the Cronus Zen block and are now demanding that Xim devices also be targeted. Sony did not mention any specific device blocks in the patch notes for the firmware update, leaving players to speculate about the company’s intentions. Cronus has advised its customers not to update their PS5 consoles following the recent development.

It remains unclear whether the block on Cronus Zen was an intentional move by Sony or an unintended consequence of the update. However, players have generally welcomed the outcome. The use of devices like Cronus Zen and Xim has been a contentious issue among the gaming community, with many arguing that current anti-cheat measures in games like Call of Duty are insufficient. Players believe that targeting the source of the cheating is the most effective solution.

One player expressed, “I wish they do something against Xim too, that s*** is cancer in FPS games — R6 Siege is full of that,” while another added, “Overwatch as well.” Numerous others echoed similar sentiments, citing various multiplayer shooters.

Sony has yet to make a statement addressing the issue.