All Bar District Photo Rally locations in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

All Bar District Photo Rally locations in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, you encounter a number of recurring events that offer big rewards. One such event is the Photo Rally, which has you snap pictures in weird locations. Here is our guide listing all Bar District Photo Rally locations in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – All Bar District Photo Rally locations

You meet the proprietors at Alo-Happy Tours early in the campaign. The main branch, at the Waikiki location, is part of the Worldwide Market Village in Hawaii. When you get to Yokohama, there is a separate branch to visit each time you complete a tour. You can claim exciting new rewards. There are 10 locations to document in the Bar District.

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Below, we’re listing all 10 locations. For each location, we’ll provide some brief written directions. We’re also including map screenshots, plus screenshots showing your characters standing near the target. Locations are listed in the order they are presented.

1. Ichiban Confections

There is a fast travel beacon at Ichiban Confections that you can use to head right to this location. Then just cross W Tsurukame Hwy. and take a picture of the front of the store. It is located on the very south end of the Bar District, along the map’s west edge.

2. Leda

Look for Fukutoku Bridge, which connects the Bar District with most of the map to the east. From the western edge of the bridge, head west and slightly southwest along that road to reach a corner. There is a large sculpture along the wall of the building you find there. Snap its photo.

3. Hustle Boutique

From where you find Leda, head northwest along the street to reach Hustle Boutique. It is not far southwest from Survive Bar, along the western edge of the district. Snap a photo of the awning.

4. Music Cafe Mother

When you access the Survive Bar, just look immediately across the narrow alley. There is a building there with black signs over its door. One of them has red text. Snap its photo.

5. Survive Bar

At the north end of the Bar District, you find Kinka Bridge, which functions as the north border. Head south from there along the left of the two narrow streets to easily find Survive Bar. Over the door, it has a mural with music notes. Take a picture.

6. Ginsharin

You can climb some stairs along the east side of the Bar District, facing the river. The area appears as blue bar on the map. Walk along that upper balcony to find a statue outside one of the shops. It looks like a marshmallow puff holding a gold diamond. You should take a picture of it.

7. Animal Mania

Not quite due east of Survive Bar, on the street level, you will find Bar Rodriguez. It should appear as a business on your map. Directly to the right as you face the bar from the street, there is a sign on the next business that you can photograph.

8. Akebi Capsule Hotel

Starting at Bar Rodriguez, head north along the street, toward Kinka Bridge. Watch the left side of the road for a purple awning. That is the capsule hotel. Snap its picture.

9. Izakaya Yamaimo

Travel to the very north side of the Bar District, so you are standing along Kinka Bridge and looking to the south, at a building between the end of the two streets connecting to the bridge. It has wooden paneling with lettering. Take a picture of that wall.

10. Mansaku Tokiwa Fortunetelling

On Kinka Bridge, approach the far west end. The map won’t let you proceed any further. Look just to the left of that barrier. You’ll see the fortunetelling shop, which you should photograph.

When you snap all of the required photos and show off your results at the local branch of Alo-Happy Tours, you receive the Boom Bag as a reward. As far as such weapons go, it rocks!