Who Is Reina? Everything You Should Know

Tekken 8 has a considerable roster of 32 characters, including the addition of 3 new fighters. Although Azucena and Victor Chevalier are also present, Reina has been capturing the attention of many players since her reveal trailer. The game hints at her origins by showing her fight both Jin and Kazuya and even includes a silhouette of Heihachi after her rage art ends. But who exactly is Reina in Tekken 8?

On the game’s fighters page, the description of Reina is quite mysterious:

Meet Reina, the mysterious fighter who uses lightning-quick moves to overwhelm anyone who dares face her. Other than the fact she’s a student of the Mishima Polytechnical School, everything else about her is shrouded in mystery.”

Tekken 8 Reina roster

So, what do we know about Reina and how can you unlock her? Keep in mind, there are spoilers ahead for the game’s story mode and her character episode.

Who is Reina in Tekken 8?

Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. Reina’s origin in Tekken 8, her fighting style, and connection with Heihachi Mishima.

Reina is revealed to be the secret daughter of Heihachi. This revelation is confirmed after starting her character episode, and it makes sense given her ability to use electric powers, as shown by her purple and yellow coloring when fighting. Additionally, many of her moves are clearly inspired by Heihachi, including the headbutt, overhead kick, thunder god fist after Raijin parry, and splits kick hellsweep Raijin stance. This suggests that he may have trained her at some point. Beyond the Mishima Karate, Reina also incorporates Taido into her fighting style, adding her own uniqueness.

Completing her character episode reveals more about her intentions. She loves and respects her father Heihachi, seeing him as her role model. She enters the King of Iron Fist tournament with the goal of making Mishima Zaibatsu hers. Her determination is evident in a daydream where she takes down Kazuya and has the support of Jin, Lars, Kuma, and others. However, the episode concludes with her saying “…Just kidding.” as she walks toward Kazuya for the final match.

How to Unlock Reina in Tekken 8

How To Unlock Reina In Tekken 8
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. How to Unlock Reina.

To unlock Reina, you must complete the game’s story mode, “The Dark Awakens.” It’s not very long, especially if you skip the cutscenes (although that’s not recommended), and it should only take you a couple of hours to unlock everyone.

That’s all you need to know about Reina in Tekken 8 and how to unlock her. If you’ve finished the stories or character episodes and plan to participate in ranked matches, we recommend checking out our guides on the best characters for beginners, adding friends, and how the game’s heat system works.