DMC Peak of Combat Codes (February 2024)

All DMC Peak of Combat Codes List

DMC Peak of Combat Codes (Working)

  • TY4WATCHING988: Redeem for in-game rewards (New)
  • CONTESTPVP2: Redeem for in-game rewards (New)
  • HAPPYV: Redeem for in-game rewards (New)
  • ARENATIME1: Redeem for in-game rewards (New)
  • VIP777: Redeem for in-game rewards
  • LIVE777: Redeem for in-game rewards

DMC Peak of Combat Codes (Expired)

How to Redeem Codes in DMC Peak of Combat

Follow the instructions below to redeem DMC Peak of Combat codes:

Image Source: Screenshot by Twinfinite
  1. Open DMC Peak of Combat on your device.
  2. Login into the game with your profile.
  3. Click on the Office icon in the top left (it looks like a diamond with three horizontal lines in the middle).
  4. Press the Redeem button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Type in your code in the text box.
  6. Click on Confirm to claim your loot.

How Can You Get More DMC Peak of Combat Codes?

Njoy most often posts new DMC Peak of Combat codes on the official Discord server. Also, there are official Twitter/X and Facebook accounts, but they mostly post update announcements or game-related media.

However, scrolling through irrelevant Discord messages or asking for codes and then waiting for a reply takes time. What you should do instead is bookmark this article. We keep our Working codes list updated regularly, so check on it occasionally for any new codes without wasting too much time.

Why Are My DMC Peak of Combat Codes Not Working?

There are three common reasons why the code you used isn’t working:

  • Spelling error – Fortunately, codes in this game aren’t case-sensitive, but they are often long and mix letters and numbers. So, to avoid spelling errors, copying and pasting the codes is best.
  • Expired code – Almost all codes have expiration dates, but Capcom seldom specifies them.
  • Already redeemed code – Once you try to redeem a code twice, you will receive a notification from the game. So, second-guessing whether you redeemed some of them or going through a list multiple times isn’t necessary.

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Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in DMC Peak of Combat

DMC Peak of Combat Swift Arsenal Christmas skin
Image Source: Screenshot by Twinfinite

You will get a bunch of free stuff as you play DMC Peak of Combat. However, there are some you mustn’t miss out on, and those are:

  • Daily free rewards from the Shop – You get a lot of upgrade materials that are really handy early in the game.
  • Sign-in rewards – Log in for 14 days to get a legendary Hot & Frosty Lady skin. These, as well as the Follow and Launch Celebration promotions, are in the Benefits menu.
  • Follow Rewards – These are one-time only, and you get them for only clicking the Go button for each of DMC Peak of Combat socials. So, there’s no need to actually follow those accounts, but it’s still nice to support the developers of the games you like.
  • Launch Celebration – This event is available until January 29. You will get a list of quests to complete each day for 11 days, and after you complete them, you will get rewards for each quest and point milestone. At 630 points, you will get a legendary One-Man Snow hunter.

Also, remember to redeem the rewards you receive in your mail (the mail button is in the bottom left corner). Most expire after a month or two weeks, so there is a danger of losing them.

What is DMC Peak of Combat?

DMC Peak of Combat is a combat-RPG game set in the Devil May Cry universe and developed for Android and iOS by NebulaJoy. You can also play it on a PC by using an emulator such as Blue Stacks or with their official APK (LDPlayer-based one).

In DMC PoC, you explore the world of Devil May Cry while fighting off hordes of demonic creatures. Also, there are numerous hunters and weapons for you to collect and upgrade to help you on your quests. For PvP fans, there is a PvP mode where you can battle it out with the strongest hunters out there.

That’s everything we have on DMC Peak of Combat rewards and codes. For more similar articles, visit the Codes section here on Twinfinite. I recommend you check out the Goddess of Victory: Nikke one, as it’s another great gacha game.

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