Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition Launches Next Week

The Much-Anticipated Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition Release

The highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition has finally been announced and fans won’t have to wait long for its release, as it is set to launch as soon as next week. This new edition of the game will include the base game as well as additional DLC content and updates that have been introduced since its original release.

The Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition Release Date

Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition is scheduled for release on February 9 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam. This announcement validates a previous release date leak from when the game was expected to make an appearance at December’s The Game Awards.

The new edition of the game will feature the Separate Ways story DLC and the Extra DLC Pack, which includes costumes, weapons, and accessories for Leon and Ashley. Additionally, players will have access to all of the game’s updates up to this point, including Mercenaries mode and the PSVR 2 mode. It has not been confirmed whether all of this content will be included on the game’s disc.

Fans are hopeful that this new version of the game will resemble the Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition, which had all DLC on the disc except for the free-to-download “Not a Hero” DLC. On the other hand, the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition only included the game on the disc and a download code for the DLC, a decision that was met with some resistance from players.

It is expected that this new edition will further contribute to the success of Resident Evil 4, which is currently the fastest-selling Resident Evil title ever. Capcom recently announced that the remake had boosted RE4’s sales to a total of 6.48 million copies, largely due to the previously mentioned PSVR 2 update. With this new total, the remake sold over 1 million copies between October and December, solidifying its position as the fastest-selling Resident Evil game in history.