How to build a Fluffy Pal Bed in Palworld

Palworld: Constructing a Plush Pal Bed

As one becomes more experienced in Palworld, the importance of a comfortable place for Pals to rest becomes clear. The initial Straw Pal Bed serves its purpose, but as your base expands and the challenges grow, an upgrade is in order. Enter the Fluffy Pal Bed.

Unlocked at level 24, the Fluffy Pal Bed offers improved Health and Sanity recovery for your Pals. While the crafting materials are not too difficult to obtain, reaching level 24 may take some time. Be sure to explore strategies for leveling up quickly in Palworld to ensure your Pals are well-rested. Here are the materials needed to craft the Fluffy Pal Bed.

Materials for Fluffy Pal Bed in Palworld

  • 10x Cloth: obtain 2x Wool from Lamballs through capture, defeat, or Ranch management, then use the Workbench to craft Cloth.
  • 30x Wood: gather from trees.
  • 5x Nail: unlock the Furnace to produce Ingots from Ore, then use the Workbench to craft Nails.
  • 10x Fiber: gather from trees.

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It is advised to upgrade all Straw Pal Beds to Fluffy Pal Beds as soon as possible. The next upgrade will be available at level 34, where the Large Pal Bed is unlocked for larger Pals.

If you’re eager to unlock the Fluffy Pal Bed quickly, check out methods for obtaining Technology Points fast in Palworld.