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Missing Persons in Tartarus

As you advance in P3R, it becomes vital to monitor the Full Moon, as it triggers important tasks and operations. One of the indirect effects of this event is the occurrence of missing persons in Tartarus. While the Full Moon itself doesn’t cause these individuals to vanish, they will be lost once the lunar cycle reaches completion. If you aim to save these individuals before they disappear, it’s crucial to learn where they are and when they go missing.

Missing Person in Tartarus Overview

At times, you will receive notifications from your Attendant indicating that people have gone missing and entered Tartarus. These notifications tend to happen closer to a Full Moon and can be received in two ways:

  • Outside Velvet Room – You will receive a morning call from the Attendant.
  • Inside Velvet Room – The Attendant will inform you that they sense someone’s presence in Tartarus and can estimate the floors they should be on.

After receiving the notifications, you can gather more information about the missing person by visiting the Paulownia Mall outside the Police Station, where details will be posted on a bulletin board. While rescuing these individuals isn’t mandatory, doing so can yield significant rewards.

List of All Missing Person Locations in Tartarus

Several individuals go missing in Tartarus, and each case requires you to find them on consecutively higher floors. It’s important to note that each event has a time limit, so locating them before the deadline is essential. Otherwise, the individuals will be lost forever, and you won’t be able to rescue them after the due date has passed. Here are the locations of each missing person:

Ayako Yoshimoto

  • Date Missing: 6/18
  • Location: 45th floor
  • Deadline: 7/7
  • Reward: Recarm

Kenjiro Tsutsumi

  • Date Missing: 6/26
  • Location: 51st floor
  • Deadline: 7/7
  • Reward: 40,000 yen

After rescuing these missing individuals, the reward can be collected from Officer Kurosawa at the Police Station.

Note: Pay close attention to the notifications while in Tartarus, as Fuuka will alert you when you are closer to a missing person.

Be Wary of your Social Links

If you don’t want to go out of your way to rescue all missing individuals, it’s crucial to monitor two specific people. Two of your social links will eventually go missing, requiring you to find them before the deadline to avoid halting their social link progressions:

  • Bunkichi Kitamura (Hierophant Social) from the Bookworms at Iwatodai Strip Mall
  • Maiko Oohashi (Hanged Man social) from the Naganaki Shrine

Failing to rescue them will prevent you from continuing their social links and receiving their rewards.

Tips for Missing Person Rescues

  • Wait until the night of the next full moon to rescue multiple people at once, as most missing persons share a deadline at the end of the lunar cycle.
  • When you find a missing person, consider calling for an escort to assist them, as this allows you to explore undiscovered rooms and is the best choice for saving multiple people at once.