How to fix the Exception Access Violation error in Palworld

Palworld: How to fix the Exception Access Violation error

Games being in early access nowadays is great because it helps developers iron out problems earlier. On the other hand, issues will pop up in the dozens for these games. Palworld is sadly no exception to the rule. Since its launch, the game has faced many issues such as the “running an incompatible version” error. Today, we’re talking about the Exception Access Violation error in Palworld, so follow along to figure out how to fix it.

As I was logging into Palworld and trying to get into the world, I was struck with this error message. From researching the solutions, I found a few that were varying in difficulty. However, the solution that worked for me was as easy as fixing the connection timed-out error. In some cases, you might think that restarting the game works, and it may. To make things easier and to not leave the game or create a new world, you can change the settings of your world.

The one setting you want to look at is the multiplayer-enabled one. From playing Palworld for about a couple of weeks now, I’ve noticed most problems go away when you toggle this switch on and off. Before you go into your world, set the multiplayer to off. After, head into the world and wait for it the load. Once it’s done, exit the session but not Palworld. Go back into the settings menu for your world, and enable the multiplayer. Once you’ve set everything back to normal, head back into the world, and it should work.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

What’s the root of this issue?

At the time of writing this piece, there’s no clear answer. One can point to the fact that Palworld is in early access which allows for many errors such as this one to appear often. The interesting tidbit is that this error seems to only appear on the Game Pass version of Palworld. If you’re playing the game on Steam, you may not even face this issue at all. But if you do, try the aforementioned method, it might do the trick.

Sadly this isn’t the only error in Palworld. If you get struck with the Online Session error, use this guide to get you out of the mess.

Palworld is available now via Steam, Game Pass, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.