Controlling & Dependent Partner Weakness in Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload Controlling & Dependent Partner Boss Guide

Controlling Partner and Dependent Partner are the two Guardian Shadows that you must defeat on Tartarus Floor 91. If you want to know their weaknesses, you can read this Persona 3 Reload guide to learn the best tactics you can use against these bosses.

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Here are Controlling Partner’s weaknesses and resistances:

  • Weakness: None
  • Resist: None
  • Repel: None
  • Null: Light, Dark, Slash, and Strike
  • Absorb: None

Here are Dependent Partner’s weaknesses and resistances:

  • Weakness: Pierce
  • Resist: None
  • Repel: None
  • Null: All element
  • Absorb: None

Controlling Partner and Dependent Partner are quite challenging because they will attempt to heal each other using Diarama. They can also cast various elemental magic, such as Magarula and Bufula.

Here is the best team composition you can use in this boss battle:

  • DPS: Aigis
  • Healer: Yukari
  • Support: Protagonist & Mitsuru

Aigis will be your main damage dealer since she can use her Cruel Attack skill to attack Dependent Partner. You can also order Yukari to perform a regular attack when she is not healing the team. Mitsuru and the protagonist will cast various debuffs and buffs, with the protagonist also dealing damage if he has Pierce skill.

Once you manage to kill Dependent Partner, Controlling Partner will mourn the loss of its significant other and will not perform any action for one turn. You can use this chance to debuff the boss’ defense and hit it with Pierce attacks and other elemental magic.

If the protagonist’s Theurgy gauge is full, you can unleash the Jack Brothers skill to deal Almighty damage on the Shadows. This attack has a chance to Down the enemies, which lets you perform an All-Out Attack.

That covers everything you need to know on how to beat Controlling Partner and Dependent Partner. For more Persona 3 Reload content, you can read our guide on how to obtain the true ending.

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