Helldivers 2 Review in Progress

From the first moments playing Helldivers 2, I found it to be a mix of hilarious, smart design, and intense gameplay whether I’m alone, joining forces with random Helldivers, or working with friends. I still have a lot more to explore, including missions and a wide range of weapons, armor, and abilities, but for now, I’m enjoying the adventure, the encounters with unique life forms, and the combat for the glory of Super Earth. What a game!

After an intense introductory video, it’s off to Helldiver basic training. The level of propaganda here is just off the charts, but your instructor gives you control of your own destroyer spaceship and sends you to the front lines with your fellow Helldivers. It’s a power trip, to put it mildly.

The Galactic War offers a variety of missions, each with a unique set of objectives. No two missions feel the same, thanks to the distinct maps and changing terrain. It’s always challenging and engaging.

Starting with just a handful of gear, the game forces you to coordinate with fellow players or to use strategy when going solo. Managing your limited resources adds another layer of challenge. It’s what makes Helldivers 2 stand out.

The game also rewards players generously. It’s possible to unlock a wide range of weapons and armor as you progress. New items can make a big difference in gameplay, and it’s satisfying to unlock them through your achievements in the game.

Speaking of rewards, Helldivers 2 has various goodies for players to unlock, including a paid battle pass and a free one with even more items. However, it never feels necessary to spend money to enjoy the game.

There is a lot to experience and unlock, so much so that it can be overwhelming at times. But the fact that you can obtain most items just by playing the game without the need for a battle pass is a breath of fresh air compared to other games that rely heavily on microtransactions.

There is still more to explore and unlock in Helldivers 2, so I’ll continue playing and engaging with the game in the coming days. It’s been a thrilling adventure so far, and I’m excited to keep playing to see what else the game has in store for me.