Promenade Showcases its Gameplay in a Brand New Demo

Promenade: A New and Exciting Collectathon Coming to Xbox

Experience the magic of Promenade before its release with a demo that showcases four distinct gameplay sequences. Take on the role of Nemo and embark on a spectacular coming-of-age adventure.

Available on Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One as of February 23, Promenade introduces players to an enchanting world. Dive into the playable demo to discover what makes the game so special. But first, let’s delve into what makes Promenade an unforgettable experience.

In this captivating game, you’ll embody Nemo, a young boy thrust into a mysterious and vibrant world. His unexpected journey is brightened by the appearance of a skilled octopus, who becomes his loyal companion. Together, they must repair the Great Elevator, which has been left in disrepair by a menacing antagonist. What are the reasons behind the antagonist’s destructive actions? Play the game to uncover the truth behind this compelling narrative.

Embark on an unforgettable journey across a mysterious world filled with challenges, puzzles, races, and whimsical creatures in your quest to gather the 180 cogs required to restore the elevator. Yet, this task is no easy feat. Nemo and the octopus will encounter numerous hurdles along the way. However, the rewards are bound to be plentiful.

Promenade is a captivating 2D Collectathon teeming with unique gameplay concepts and unforgettable moments. Through environmental storytelling, the game depicts a tale of transformation and growth. Nemo’s journey serves as an allegory for overcoming fears and self-doubt. Drawing inspiration from a plethora of cultural works such as “Alice in Wonderland”, “Adventure Time”, and classic 3D games like Banjo-Kazooie and Spyro the Dragon, the creators of Promenade worked tirelessly to innovate and reimagine the genre in a 2D setting.

The Promenade demo features four distinct gameplay sequences and offers players the chance to explore the game’s mechanics without giving away major plot points. The first sequence, “Cavern of Awakening,” introduces players to the opening cutscene and serves as a tutorial to acquaint players with the game’s controls.

The second sequence, “Sandy Stroll,” forms the game’s first full level, where players can collect cogs as they explore this sunlit world. The third sequence, “Slinghops,” provides trial-based levels that offer additional challenges for players. Lastly, the fourth sequence, “Masked Demon’s Lair,” culminates in a thrilling boss fight, a testament to Nemo’s growth throughout the game.

Promenade caters to a diverse audience, from speedrunners seeking a challenge to more casual players looking to enjoy a captivating story. Its creators have crafted the game to provide rich, satisfying experiences for all types of players, promising something remarkable for completionists and achievement hunters alike.

Ported to Xbox consoles by Red Art Studios, Promenade extends an invitation to all players to immerse themselves in its delightful world of discovery. Uncover the magic behind interesting characters, unique environments, and abilities, and experience the satisfaction of repairing the Great Elevator.