What does “First Discovery” mean in Infinite Craft


Infinite Craft: First Discovery explained

In the vast universe of Infinite Craft, the act of making new discoveries is both a rare and common occurrence. So, what exactly does it mean to make a “First Discovery” in this AI-powered browser game?

When it comes to discovering new things, it’s often an uncommon feat. However, in the realm of Infinite Craft, an AI-powered browser game that made its debut in January 2024, players are constantly combining elements to create new ones, resulting in an infinite array of possibilities. But what does the term “First Discovery” signify?

Essentially, when a player makes a “First Discovery,” it signifies that they are the first person in the entire world to have uncovered a specific element, character, or concept. For example, one player managed to “discover the Justice League Overlord,” a unique combination of the Justice League and an Overlord character. This type of discovery can be likened to Injustice Superman in some ways, and it symbolizes the potential for players to become the creators of Adam and Eve, effectively becoming the Biblical deities of the Infinite Craft universe.

Whether a player stumbles upon a new element through sheer chance or actively strives to craft unique materials or characters, there is always the possibility of making a First Discovery. While it may initially seem that all new materials are first discoveries, the significance of this achievement is more profound than it may appear at first glance.

Image: PC Invasion

If a player comes across a new element, it is recommended to capture a screenshot as a record of their accomplishment. While the game is powered by AI, the occurrence of new discoveries will become increasingly rare as more people uncover unique and rare materials, characters, and everything in between.

For those looking to delve into crafting more complex elements, it is advisable to explore the process of creating Metal in Infinite Craft.