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Persona games are built around the idea of romantic entanglements, and Persona 3 Reload is no different. Whether you’re a series veteran looking to spice up your love life or a newcomer navigating the social scene, knowing the ins and outs of romance is essential to fully enjoying the game.

Persona 3 Reload How Romance Works

Find out who’s available for romantic pursuits and how to unlock their hearts with this guide to all romance options in Persona 3 Reload. Uncover the characters you can date and the steps to take to win their affections.

Chihiro Fushimi Romance Option

  • Social Link: Justice
  • Location: Student Council Room
  • Romance Rank Requirement: Rank 5

Chihiro Fushimi is a shy character, and winning her over takes patience. Learn how to romance her by building up your Social Link and the best time to interact with her.

Yukari Takeba Romance Option

  • Social Link: Lovers
  • Location: 2F Classroom
  • Romance Rank Requirement: Rank 6

Uncover the steps needed to embark on a romantic relationship with Yukari Takeba by maintaining a high Social Link Rank and building up your charm.

Mitsuru Kirijo Romance Option

  • Social Link: Empress
  • Location: Faculty Office Entrance
  • Romance Rank Requirement: Rank 6

Discover how to romance the elegant and headstrong Mitsuru Kirijo by meeting the high standards she has set for a potential partner.

Fuuka Yamagishi Romance Option

  • Social Link: Priestess
  • Location: Outside the 2F Bathroom of Gekkoukan High School
  • Romance Rank Requirement: Rank 7

Learn how to pursue a romantic relationship with Fuuka Yamagishi, one of the kindest and most resilient characters in the game, by honing your courage stats and interacting with her.

Aigis Romance Option

  • Social Link: Aeon
  • Location: 2F Classroom
  • Romance Rank Requirement: Rank 7

Uncover the steps needed for engaging with Aigis and the intimate scenes awaiting players who dive into this unique romantic like.

Yuko Nishikawa Romance Option

  • Social Link: Strength
  • Location: Outside 2F Classroom
  • Romance Rank Requirement: Rank 7

Learn how to pursue a romantic relationship with Yuko Nishikawa and experience her bubbly and lively attitude in the intimate moments you share.

Special Romance Option – Elizabeth

Discover how to engage in a unique romantic option with Elizabeth by completing all her side quests and unlocking her hidden story.

Can You Romance Multiple Characters (Persona 3 Royal Romance Consequences)

Uncover the consequences of dating multiple characters in Persona 3 Royal and find out how to manage your social links without causing jealousy and degradation.